Our Vision

  • To further the aims of the National Garden Clubs, Inc

  • Encourage civic beautification in our community.

  • Maintain and preserve New York State’s natural beauty and resources.

  • Stimulate interest in gardening among members, community and our youth.

  • Promote conservation.



1.  Business Meeting


2.  Refreshments and fellowship


3.  Horticulture & Conservation information exchange


4.  Monthly programs, lectures and speakers, which may include hands-on workshops in flower arranging and design.


Why do members join?

We all join this club for different reasons:

-To create a garden or enhance our existing gardens.

-To create floral designs.

-To beautify our community by planting in our village gardens.

-To help nursing home residents through garden therapy.

-To meet and socialize with others interested in gardens, flowers and fostering this passion with others in our community.


Can I invite someone to become a member?

Absolutely!  We enthusiastically welcome new members anytime through the year.  See our Membership Chair for information.


How is the yearbook helpful?

The club yearbook is distributed yearly in April, which is the start of our Garden Club year.  Your yearbook is a reference for you to use throughout the coming year.  Please take the time to read through it and reference it prior to each meeting.


What about committees?

The types of committees that we have can be found on our Club Committee Chairperson’s pages.  We hope you will participate in as many activities as you can.  Your help is always welcome and needed just ask a committee chairperson what you can do to help. The more people who help, the less work for everyone.

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